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What Brings you Here Today?

Family Issues

Family counseling includes abuse recovery suicide attempts, anxiety, trauma, loss, grief depression

Family is the core of life. As parents we want to engage our children and provide the best upbringing but our limitations often cause stress, conflict and anger. Unresolved issues within the family unit can bring life long struggle. Family related issues range from addiction, anger, boundaries codependency,  enmeshment, grief, pregnancy, marriage, divorce, suicide, teen issues, and trauma.

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Anxiety, Trauma & PTSD


Trauma occurs when an individual is unable to cope with the emotional impact of a sudden life treating experience such as an accident, death, or tragedy, or can develop over a long period of time due to threats, intimidation or abuse. EMDR therapy and Cognitive Behavior therapy are the most widespread approach that reduces unwanted symptoms. 

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Family is everything, so when you and your partner are not getting along, it's time to add a coach or therapist to your support system. Therapy is more than getting back to the basics and learning how to meet each others needs. It's about giving attention, rearranging priorities, and gaining understanding.  Also check out the Stuart MARRIAGE Counseling GROUP! 

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How can Counseling or Coaching help me?

People seeks counseling and coaching because their life loses the sense of confidence, joy and peace they need. Whether its a family issue, teen related, relationship problems or individual matters, you deserve to find relief from your current situation. 

Counseling in Stuart, FL


Call to Schedule Appointment

A 10 minute phone call is enough time for me to introduce myself and learn more about you, your circumstance, and what you want to change. From there I send you a HIPPA compliant email link to my client portal, and your paperwork is filled out over a secure network. If you prefer to fill out papers manually, we can arrange it as part  of your first session. 


First appointment

Your first counseling or coaching session happens in my Stuart, FL office, or over a secure video link. We review your paperwork, and discuss the details of your circumstance. Before  your session ends you will have an idea of to tackle and change your life. 


The Work (Follow up Sessions)

The first 4 appointments are crucial, as you are discovering how to connect the dots of what you have awareness of, the education I present regarding your circumstance and how you are handling the day to day improvement in your behavior and thoughts. After the first 4 appointments, so clients are ready to come bi-weekly, and eventually monthly as treatment ends. 

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