Why it works


Sand Play therapy was designed to help children show clinicians their inner world. Using this technique with adults is a new and expanding therapy. Couples and individuals are able to select and arrange toys that give the psyche a glimpse into what their world looks like.


Sand Play Therapy is powerful

Additional Information

 Sand tray therapy is a form of expressive therapy that  is sometimes referred to as sandplay (although sandplay does have a  slightly different approach) or the World Technique. It was developed by  Margaret Lowenfeld, Goesta Harding, Charlotte Buhler,  Hedda Bolgar, Lisolette Fischer, Ruth Bowyer, and Dora Kalff. This type  of therapy is often used with children, but can be applied to adults,  teens, couples, families, and groups as well. 

Sand tray therapy allows a  person to construct his or her own microcosm using miniature toys and colored sand. The scene created acts as a reflection of the person’s own  life and allows him or her the opportunity to resolve conflicts, remove  obstacles, and gain acceptance of self.

In couples therapy, I apply the sand box to show spouses how the other half is feeling. 

In family therapy, we create boxes to help parents understand and accept their child. 

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Jessica Gaffney, LCSW is utilizing the benefits of Sandplay therapy. Sessions are 50 minutes, and can be used to assist families during a divorce, life transition or any issue the client feels deems appropriate.