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About Jessica

Hi, I am Jessica Gaffney, a licensed clinical social worker who loves emotional healing and family restoration. I have a unique approach to mental health and lead several training groups to help other clinicians find out of the box supports for their clients. Everyone has a past, and if you drag into your future, you will miss out on the beauty, confidence and independence you were designed to express. 

My work consists of everyday people who have experienced loss, tragedy or have simply lost their fervor for life.  Together we regain your self expression and explore paths to healing, uproot negative experiences and grow toward a anxiety, depression free life. 

ADHD Certified, PTSD Expert. EMDR Trained

Office in Stuart, Florida and Online Coaching 


  1. Trauma victims, sports injuries, accidents, domestic violence etc.
  2. Anxiety, Depression, ADHD & PTSD
  3. Relationships- Family, divorce, parenting, teens, pregnancy
  4. Individual counseling


Jessica Gaffney, LCSW is a licensed Clinical social worker operating in Florida only. Coaching services are for self pay clients seeking future improvements.



Office of Jessica Gaffney, LCSW

Counseling for individuals and families in Stuart, FL 

Treating Anxiety, ADHD, Divorce, PTSD

L.O.V.E. Institute & Counseling Center

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