Kids book on the LOVE Principle

What Love is All About

What does love really mean? 

Kids love ice cream, they love their favorite toy, television show, and their iPad.

  • But what does love look like? 
  • How does love feel?

Using animals to depict emotions, kids can learn from family expert Jessica Gaffney what love is all about.  Readers will improve friendships, reduce isolation, open up conversation about bullying, embarrassment and failure in this full colored story.  

Love Principle for Kids

Empower your kids to listen to others, and respond with kindness. Teach them to observe their world and see if a friend is in need or hurting. Encourage them to help their friend and get a grown up to help. 

The Trouble we remember

3 Novels in One- Emotional Healing

This trilogy follows three unique young adults through the tribulations of abandonment, parental loss, addiction, abuse, pregnancy and finally healing through self forgiveness. 

Designed to engage teens and connect their rapid thought process with the consequences of their choices, Jessica Gaffney aims to identify problem areas in the readers life using the power of fiction.

Books are sold individually under their original titles:

Waking Marissa Book 1
Forgiving Sean Book 2

Hawke's Tale Book 3

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Teens novels by Jessica Gaffney, msw

Teens novels by Jessica Gaffney, msw


Tools for parents of teens to help reduce tension in the home.

Love Principle for Parents (Booklet) (docx)