Counseling & Coaching for Couples

We've all heard people say that relationships take work. Knowing what areas to focus on can be tricky, that's why coaching works best for couples. Regardless of who did what, how it happened and why, we need to shift you from a place of stress to place of focus and intentional attention! The affection and trust will follow. 

let's work together

couples counseling with Jessica Gaffney. Love Principle


Congratulations you're in relationship counseling, that means you are shifting your priorities to focus on each other. That's awesome. 


the LOVE Principle Method

In addition to using EFT and the Gottman method I have been working with stressed out families and couples for a decade. The fastest way to get to a sense of bliss you once experienced is by using the LOVE Principles. Listen to each other, observe them all over again and find the good, validate their disappointments, anger and fears. Encourage each other and make plans for your future. 


Embracing the Future

Staying the course involves bi-annual check in with Jessica Gaffney. Weekly and monthly goals that you will fall in love with to keep your skills going.