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Individual Sessions

I use a hybrid method of counseling and coaching techniques to reduce anxiety, erase depression, strengthen relationships and treat trauma. Most of my clients see relief from their symptoms immediately. I attribute that success to a holistic approach to mental health that combines additional focus on physical, emotional, spiritual issues/awareness.  

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Relationships are the most fulfilling part of the human experience. Counseling and reducing couples anxiety improves overall relationship satisfaction, and assist you in problem solving, airing grievances and creating a healthier unit. Sessions are available online or in my Stuart, FL location. 

Trauma Survivors

Patients are able to process and let go of past trauma through a field of counseling techniques like Narrative or Writing prompts, EMDR, Future templates or visualization work. There are a plethora of daily insights and tips have I developed to reduce the circus of anxiety and help you move past your trauma. Sessions conducted online or in Stuart. 

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Online Sessions

Online Coaching in a private setting allows participants to be in their environment where stress and anxiety occur. Counseling happens in the office but online sessions can add the elements of real life expectations to the session. 

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A look inside the office

I am genuine, assertive and sometimes a little humorous. Reaching out for help is never easy; my goal is to make you feel at home.  Here is a glimpse into my skills and how I approach counseling & coaching. 

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