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Jessica Gaffney, MSW counselor, Christian counseling, family therapist, relationship expert.

Individual Sessions

I use a hybrid method of counseling and coaching techniques. Most of my clients see relief from their symptoms immediately. I attribute that success to a  holistic approach to mental health that combines additional focus on physical, emotional, spiritual issues/awareness.  

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Relationships are the most fulfilling part of the human experience. Coaching improves relationship satisfaction, and assist you in problem solving, airing grievances and creating a healthier unit. 

Trauma Survivors

Patients are able to process and let go of past trauma through a field of techniques like EMDR (referral), TPM, Visualization work and some concentration techniques I developed to reduce the circus of anxiety and help you move past your trauma 

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Online Sessions

Telehealth is a new facet to mental health, but for relationship coaching or life coaching I am able to provide a HIPPA complaint video service for no additional cost, to you at the time you choose. Rates are the same as in person. 

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